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500 ml Rail Neer Water being provided in Vande Bharat trains
Promoting convenience and reducing wastage of water resource

Maligaon, 06 th May, 2024:

Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) in line with Indian Railways (IR) has decided to provide 500 ml
Rail Neer Packaged Drinking Water(PWD) bottles across all Vande Bharat trains for the passengers.
This step has been adopted towards minimizing the wastage of precious drinking water at trains and in
view of the ongoing summer season. Amid growing concerns about preserving natural resources like
drinking water, Railways has taken this significant step towards passenger convenience and
environmental sustainability.

As per the initiative, each passenger across all Vande Bharat trains will be served with a 500ml
water bottle. In addition, an extra 500 ml bottle of water will also be provided to the passengers on
demand without taking any extra charges if needed. Most passengers who have book tickets in Vande
Bharat trains normally travel for short distances. So, 500 ml water bottles are mostly adequate and
more convenient for the passengers during their short journey time. Thus railways have decided to
introduce 500 ml bottles after considering many factors that will be beneficial for both passengers and
the environment.

The 1 st Vande Bharat train was introduced in the country in 2019. During the journey, excellent
views and spacious luggage racks are some of the amazing facilities that the passengers enjoy in Vande
Bharat trains. The step to introduce 500 ml of Packaged Drinking Water bottles will be an added
journey convenience for its passengers for both Northeast states and rest of the nation.

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