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Gossaigaon: On Saturday, Wilson Hasda, the Bodoland Territorial Region Executive Member, extended financial assistance to several religious institutions as part of the ‘Alari Swrang Bithangkhi’ scheme launched by the Pramod Boro Government.

Under this scheme, religious institutions receive financial aid from the government in the form of checks.

On Friday, Executive Member Wilson Hasda distributed checks to 8 churches in the Srirampur 3 No constituency. Today, he distributed checks to three more institutions: NELC Padmabil, NELC Horkom, and NELC Bhorpur.

Hasda posted on X, “I’m glad to distribute checks to several religious institutions today in Kokrajhar district, BTR, under the ‘Alari Swrang Bithangkhi’ scheme. The BTR Government, under the leadership of the Hon’ble CEM Shri Pramod Boro Dangoriya, has been providing financial aid to religious institutions in the BTR through this initiative.

Former Executive Member Shri Lakhiram Tudu, GDC General Secretary Shri Utpal Soren, Srirampur Block President Shri Nicholas Hasdak, among others, were present at the distribution.”

It’s worth mentioning that the BTR Government is currently working towards providing emotional and religious support to the people, extending help to temples, churches, and other religious institutions.

Speaking to the media, a local resident of Padmabil, Gossaigaon, said, “We are delighted to have received this grant, as we were short of funds to complete several essential things for our church. Now, every requirement can be fulfilled, including the much-needed ones, as the BTR Government has provided us with a substantial amount of money. We thank the government for understanding our core issues and for working to improve and assist us in these crucial aspects.”


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