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F. I. R. against Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Chief Minister of Assam for his recent provocative and hate speeches against the Bengali people of Assam based on both language and religion.



With due respect and humble submission, we would like to draw your attention towards the recent speeches delivered by Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma as a campaigner for BJP in the state of Jharkhand which were published in different print as well as electronic media including Local Bengali Daily Bartalipi in its edition dated 16.05.2024 and 17.05.2024. As per reports, he levelled false allegations of being Bangladeshi infiltrators against the entire Bengali origin inhabitants of Assam with special emphasis on Muslims of Assam. He stated that 40% of the population of Assam are Bangladeshi illegal immigrants. He again stated that 1.25 crore population of Assam have infiltrated into Assam in last 40 years. Mr. Sarma further appealed to the people of Jharkhand, if such Bangladeshi infiltrators are found anywhere, to break down their legs. He allegedly goes on to say that 40 no. of MLAs in Assam including other persons holding good positions are also Bangladeshi immigrants. Through these alleged provocative and false statements, Mr. Sarma malafidely instigated the people of Jharkhand vis a vis people living in other states than Assam to assault Bengalies and Muslims on false charges of being Bangladeshis. In Assam the only citizenship identification (or immigrants identification) process has been the preparation of NRC based on 1st April 2015 whose final list got published on 31 August 2019. In the said NRC only 19 lakhs which accounts less than 6% applicants got excluded on suspicion of being Foreigners and the Appeal stage is still pending. After the appeal process no. of illegal immigrants can be ascertained. Before this how can Mr. Sarma holding the responsible post of Chief Minister of Assam, can provoke the people to assault people on allegations of being Bangladeshi immigrants. The people of Assam belonging to Bengali linguistic community as well as Muslim minority community have started feeling insecure while traveling out of Assam. Such false, malafide, provocative statements are punishable offences as per the law of the land.

It is therefore, prayed that the said statements of Mr. Himanta Biswa Sharma made recently in Jharkhand and published in various media including local paper Bartalipi dated 16 and 17 May 2024, be pleased to file an FIR against him and punish the guilty as per law and procedures and thus oblige.

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