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Guwahati, Feb.21: “The Bharatiya Janata Party always believes that safeguarding of identity, land and base (Jati, Mati, Bheti) will lead to protection of Assamese nay Indian society”.
This statement was made by Chief Minister’s Political Secretary and Spokesperson, Pabitra Margherita at a Press Conference held at the party’s head office here on Wednesday.
MP, Margherita said that digitisation of land related records in an organised manner under Basundhara scheme has resulted in successful resolving of scores of land related problems for which the people have heaped encomiums on Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma led State Government. Following the successful completion of first phase of the scheme, Mission Basundhara 2.0 is well on its course.

The Spokesperson also said that under Mission Basundhara, 1,27,48,152 applications were received and out of which 88 per cent i.e., 24,10,307 applications were disposed of, thus providing service to a total of 19,01,861 applicants. A pet project of Chief Minister, Dr.Himanta Biswa Sarma and one of BJP’s bold initiatives, the next phase of Mission Basundhara 2.0 has begun in right earnest. Under the scheme, 2,29,659 land pattas will be distributed this month. Of the total land pattas, 1,92,056 i.e., 84 per cent of applicants belong to SC, ST and Other Backward Classes. For this, the State BJP offers profound thanks and gratitude to Chief Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma and also greetings and best wishes to each and every recipient of land certificate.

In reply to a query posed by a journalist regarding the Opposition, MP Margherita said that the people of the country are witnessing as to where the INDI Alliance is heading towards on the national firmament. “In Assam, too, they are cobbling an alliance with parties like NGO and parties with no locus standi. There is nothing worth the salt. In every election, the people of Assam have rejected them outright,” he quipped.

Terming the INDI alliance as unprincipled, the MP criticised them saying that 855 Assamese people were gunned down during the Assam agitation by the then Congress regime. “Leaders like Lurinjyoti Gogoi under the garb of regionalism have now joined hands with the Congress party. This is very unfortunate and condemnable,” he added.
In response to a query regarding the joining of Congress leaders and leaders from other political parties and organisations in the BJP, Margherita said that the saffron party’s doors are always open for those who believe in the party’s ideology, principles and vision, and those willing to work towards nation building. “It’s true that scores of Congressmen have expressed their desire to join our party. They want to free themselves from a tainted party responsible for the murders of 855 martyrs, for adopting anti-Sanatan stance and hobnobbing with the Bangladeshis,” he said, adding, “On the other hand, State Congress President Bhupen Borah who has been brought up in a Mahapurush culture and ethos and hailing from an educated cultured family, will also join the ranks of the BJP soon. Of course, he (Borah) will have to discard the Gandhi-Vadra family and sing hymns in praise of Assam motherland nay Bharat Maata.”

Margherita further said that the Congress which is busy in political appeasement policy will have only immigrants as supporters and in the end there will be a socio-political tussle between the Congress-AIUDF combine comprising immigrants and the BJP-led alliance consisting of indigenous people nay sons of the soil. In stark contrast to the appeasement policy of Congress party and its lopsided and myopic vision and outlook, the BJP-led dispensation under the charismatic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on an avowed mission of building a New India.

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