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Railways withdrawal outer limit of geo-fencing restrictions on UTS mobile APP

Book UTS tickets from the convenience of home

Maligaon, 05th May, 2024:

In a bid to enhance passenger convenience and make the process of booking tickets easier for the passengers, Indian Railways has withdrawn outer limit of geo-fencing restrictions on UTS on Mobile App. This is a part of the digitisation initiative with a view to promote three C’s – Contact less ticketing, Cashless transaction and Customer convenience & experience while booking tickets.

Previously, tickets could not be booked if passengers are inside station or at home. Railways geo-fencing restricted commuters from booking their tickets. People could not book unreserved tickets and platform tickets in a 20 km to 50 km radius of a station.

After the withdrawal of outer limit of geo-fencing, commuters can now book tickets from any location to any destination, from the convenience of their home. However, commuters need to reach station premises within two hours of booking tickets. Commuters will be unable to book tickets via the app inside the station.

One of the advantages of using the UTS on mobile App is that, passengers will receive a 3% bonus while recharging their R-Wallet for unreserved ticket booking through the App.

This is with a view to enhance efficiency in booking & purchasing unreserved tickets, reduce long queues at ticket counters and encourage users to shift to a digital booking procedure.

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