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Itanagar: The upcoming Arunachal Pradesh assembly elections have set the stage for a pivotal moment in the representation of the Sherdukpen tribe, as Mr. Wangdi Dorjee Khrimey has taken the spotlight seeking a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ticket from the 5 Kalaktang constituency.

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Amidst the diverse demographic landscape of Kalaktang, where 50 percent of the population comprises Monpas and the remaining 50 percent consists of the Sherdukpen tribes, the selection of a candidate holds paramount importance. The Sherdukpen tribe, exclusively inhabiting the 5 Kalaktang assembly constituency, eagerly anticipates political representation that aligns with their aspirations and needs.

While four tickets have been allocated to Monpa candidates in Tawang district and 4 Dirang constituency of West Kameng by virtue of the Monpa tribe’s habitation, the Sherdukpen community stands at the risk of being marginalized from political representation if not duly considered for the ruling party BJP’s ticket in the 5 Kalaktang constituency. With Mr. Wangdi Dorjee Khrimey’s intent to contest the Assembly election, the Sherdukpen tribe finds hope in securing rightful representation in the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

Mr. Khrimey, a distinguished member of the Sherdukpen tribe and the current BJP West Kameng district Vice President, boasts an illustrious track record of dedicated service to his community as well as the party. During his three consecutive tenure with the BJP, he has exemplified unwavering commitment to the party’s ideals and demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities. His contributions extend beyond party lines, notably spearheading fundraising efforts for the construction of the Ram Mandir and tirelessly advocating for the BJP’s vision even before the party assumed power at the centre and state while being in the opposition.

Talking to mediapersons, Mr. Khrimey said that granting BJP ticket to a member of the Sherdukpen community underscores the party’s commitment to “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, and Sabka Prayas,” resonating deeply with the aspirations of the Sherdukpen community for holistic development and representation.

“I believe I have earned the right for the ticket, as my candidacy stems from years of unwavering dedication to the party’s ideals. I have diligently championed BJP’s cause even before our party assumed power at the centre in 2014 and in Arunachal Pradesh in 2017. Contesting with a BJP ticket from the 5 Kalaktang Constituency, Arunachal Pradesh, holds profound significance as it reflects the aspirations of my community,” said Khrimey.

Speaking about his door-to-door campaign trail ‘Dastak’, Mr. Khrimey mentioned how he tirelessly engaged with the people in his constituency, listening to their concerns and articulating his vision for inclusive progress and representation. He further stated that the people of the 5 Kalaktang constituency has expressed hope and optimism for a candidate who understands their needs and advocates for their interests at all levels of government.

As the Arunachal Pradesh assembly election approaches, the anticipation surrounding the BJP ticket announcement for Wangdi Khrimey underscores the significance of this election for the Sherdukpen community. Mr. Khrimey’s candidacy symbolizes the Sherdukpen tribe’s aspirations, with them finding a promising ally in their journey towards progress and empowerment.


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